Sunday, June 22, 2008

Digging in the dirt

Just dealing with my yard a little at a time. Russo's had perennials on sale if you bought 10 --just the right number to start filling in the bleak space along my fence facing the front. I also had to go out and get a new hose as an extension (one hose just doesn't cut it for all the perimeter space I have to deal with). National Lumber in Newton had pink hoses! Wow!

I would have bought one anyway, seeing as I needed a hose, and this was pink and how the hell cool is that? Even cooler - the manufacturer is an official corporate partner of the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research. The guys at the counter kidded with me. "Whoa, someone's buying a pink hose!" they grinned. "Tell me I'm the first!" I hollered back. "First on your block, lady!" "You know, I have to be careful with this hose 'cause I live offa Route 9," I told them. "You don't know, the grammas in my neighborhood are gonna steal this off me," I added to much laughter.

It felt good to dig up some dirt this morning and put some things in the ground that will come back every spring - butterfly bushes, coreopsis, meadow sage. Just a little at a time will do it...

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