Sunday, July 13, 2008

Octopus for breakfast

Seattle on a sunny Sunday morning, and I found a place that serves octopus for breakfast. Life is good! Actually, it was more like a funky Northwest meets Japan meets Greek diner kind of dish at Lola, a surprisingly upscale place on the edge of Seattle's Belltown/Downtown neighborhoods. A sunny side up fried egg on a mixture of sauteed spinach, green peas, crispy pork belly and grilled chunks of Pacific octupus, with a dollop of Greek yogurt, with some sourdough toast to soak it all up. Hot strong coffee and a complimentary starter involving a tiny bowl of grapes, a perfect strawberry, two cherries and a date.

A stroll through Pike Place Market followed breakfast and I have to say I've never been in Seattle on a more beautiful day. On my way to Orcas Island this morning, so the visit through the bustle, sights, sounds and smells of Pike Place was brief and bittersweet. I could happily spend a week just exploring this place (and eating way too much!).