Friday, September 19, 2008

More eating adventures

Just a few of my (recent) favorite things:
  • Mushrooms, and not the ones growing on my lawn after all the rain this summer. Russo's has the best, most gorgeous produce I have ever bought. In addition to being beautiful, delicious and usually cheaper than elsewhere, it is somehow magically resilient. A forgotten bag of peapods lived for possibly 3 weeks in the crisper and were fabulous the other night in a Japanese-style broth with tofu and chicken. Mushrooms from Russo's are varied, lovely and of so much better quality than anywhere else (SO disappointed with Whole Foods!) that I gird my loins and march into the chaos of tiny aisles and crazed shoppers to grab shiitakes and oysters (and occasionally splurge on bluefoots and other exotics). We made a fantastic vegan meal of those shrooms along with braised bok choy, tofu and jasmine rice. One of the best things I ate at a restaurant this summer was an appetizer of mushroom crepe (crespelle al funghi) at Panzano in downtown Denver. Normally I avoid cream sauces but I wanted to lick the plate on this one. I had a similarly happy experience this week enjoying the halibut with wild mushrooms at the Beacon Hill Bistro and the special lobster-mushroom-corn souffle appetizer (I could've eaten about 5 of these myself).
  • Slice - Giving tours in downtown Boston for Boston By Foot meant I had the opportunity to gorge myself on the finest offerings the Hub has on hand. I almost uniformly chose pizza to satisfy my palate. Ernesto's on Salem Street has traditional and oddball choices. My current fave is chicken and hot yellow peppers. Sadly, the mala femina (a crazy woman's slice with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, no sauce, and blue chese) is only available as a whole pie, and even I am not a crazy enough femina to order that by myself. Regina's is my other standby - and yes, it is awesome, even the slices in the sweaty press of humanity that is the Quincy Market food hall. Get a fresh slice of anything there and you will be very happy. I stay away from Haymarket Pizza due to the ancient prohibition of my husband who had a very unpleasant experience there. But if memory serves, they have the only meatball pizza worth eating on the planet.
  • Banh Mi - It's been too long since I had one of these unbelievably delicious Vietnamese submarine sandwiches. Cheap, fresh, delicious. The last time I grabbed one I sat in the bum's venue across from the Registry and the Essex Street T stop and chowed down, baguette crumbs everywhere. Will post more details next time I have the chance to eat one.

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