Monday, December 1, 2008

The Joys of Travel

Here is a list of the songs played at Orlando's International Plaza Resort and Spa pool area. How do I know? I know, because I have been hearing them loud and clear through my walls in my room next to the pool since 3:15 p.m (it is now 6:15 p.m.). According to the young lady at the front desk, this is just the way it is. The hotel is full for the next five nights so I am here in this room for my measly one night stay. I’ve managed to get some work done by listening to my MP3 player and I ALWAYS travel with earplugs so I am hoping to sleep. I was not reassured when she told me that they always stop playing music at midnight.

And here’s our top 11 (ok, our ONLY 11, repeated in sequence)!
  1. Julianne – calypso-ish Spanish song that is apparently about Julianne. Lyrics: Bom, bom, bom-bah-bom – Julianne, Julianne, Julianne.

  2. New age-y jazz instrumental – trumpets, sax and groovy guitars. Quite loud. Reminds me of a jazzy dentist office waiting room.

  3. Unintelligible lyrics but it sounds like Jimmy Buffett singing something about a Pokemon telegraph. Chorus goes “LAAAA LA LA LAAA LAAA” with little whoops and trills. Maybe it’s coconut telegraph (ooh, I just googled, it IS Coconut Telegraph! How stupid!)

  4. More repetitive Spanish lyrics, flutes, guitars, bongos. Sounds like what our Honduran building super used to blast from his boom box when he was painting our apartment in Brighton.

  5. Drums and maracas! A more sly and sexy sound of blessedly softer Spanish lyrics (maybe they turned the volume down finally after 3 hours….or I’m going deaf, hurray!). Not a bad beat for bellydancing (almost a saidi rhythm) but I am not in the mood.

  6. Grazing in the Grass? No. Slower, more bongos, more doo-woppish background singing.

  7. Steel drums and guitar instrumental, HIGHLY repetitive.

  8. Ah, and what EVERYONE enjoys listening to as they relax at poolside: Billy Joel, “River of Dreams” – and they only play about a third of the song! Should I be happy or disappointed? I’ll only have part of the song stuck in my head for days…

  9. Segue from Billy right into a quasi-reggae sound – more drums and cymbals on this one.

  10. Now a happy bunch of upbeat steel drums and maracas! This is the kind of song you could do the Hokey Pokey to quite easily. I miss Julianne, where is she? Oh, wait, there are some voices in the background of this song – no idea what they are chanting, but it’s still happy.

  11. Another selection in Espanol. Sounds a little like Roy Orbison’s “Leah” but not nearly as good. And the good news is – now we’re back to Julianne! Woo-hoo! Oh, and that volume thing just worked on song #5…

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