Monday, August 24, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation

1. Used my Ellie Fund silent auction high-bid so Steve and I could spend a Friday night at the Langham Hotel downtown in Post Office Square.
2. Got surprised by Steve who used his Abe & Louie's gift certificate so we could eat a whole bunch of raw oysters, littlenecks, and (cooked) lump crabmeat while lounging on Huntington Avenue.
3. Walked all over the city between Friday night and Saturday afternoon, pausing for a nice break to enjoy drinks at the outdoor space along the Fort Point Channel at the Intercontinental Hotel, and sampling rival banh mi (Vietnamese subs) in Chinatown.
4. Enjoyed the first full week of summer weather we've had in 2009.
5. Missed the August Moon Festival on Sunday, Aug. 16 because I couldn't deal with the summer weather in downtown Boston a third day in a row.
6. Took the last TKD class until August 31 and destroyed the skin on my knuckles doing the 10-punch drill a zillion times. Can't look all girly on vacation now, can we?
7. Took a guided tour by the National Park Service of the Black Heritage Trail on Beacon Hill. And then bought two books at the Museum of African American History even though I have a huge stack of books to read right now. I'm halfway through "Slavery and the Making of America." Incredible!
8. Worked outside weeding and mulching several mornings so at least the area outside our fence looks pretty good. The rabbits have eaten not only tomatoes, beans and hot peppers, but also every flower off my aster plants.
9. Officially enjoyed a Restaurant Week menu and an unbelievable view at the Top of the Hub restaurant.
10. Guided a corporate group on the Heart of the Freedom Trail tour for Boston By Foot on Thursday morning, very glad it wasn't Wednesday because Wednesday was REALLY hot. Thursday wasn't too shabby, though.
11. Ate potato pizza at Ducali's on the edge of the North End. A new favorite dish at a new favorite place.
12. Finished reading one serious and sad novel (Obasan) and one fast-paced, violent and fun novel (Flashpoint).
13. Toured the Brandeis campus with my nephew Will, who somehow got to be a senior when I wasn't looking. Was impressed by how well he, his brother and his mom and dad held up doing college campus tours in record HHH weather.
14. Went to bellydancing class.
15. Consumed mass quantities of suburban Chinese restaurant food.
16. Sneakily did some last minute shopping for things for the surprise wedding anniversary party for my in-laws.
17. Enjoyed a cookout at my sister-in-law's house.
18. Only choked up a little when my in-laws renewed their vows for their 50th wedding anniversary.
19. Stayed off work email as much as possible.
20. Went to the movies (Julie & Julia)!