Friday, May 14, 2010

Free books!

Well, my "give away" basket is now overflowing. Before I donate books elsewhere, thought my friends might want them. Just comment on the blog or FB, first come, first served.

Science Fiction: A bunch of Terry Pratchett: Monstrous Regiment, The Light Fantastic, Equal Rites, Mort (loved all these)

Mystery/Noir: Dennis Lehane - Gone Baby Gone (ok, it's the only noir title I have right now); Alexander McCall Smith's "Ladies Detective" series 4 thru 6: The Kalahari Typing School for Men; The Full Cupboard of Life; In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (loved all these too, though "love" is a complicated word for anything Lehane writes)

Other fiction: Colin Coterill - The Coroner's Lunch; Cristina Garcia - Dreaming in Cuban; Victor Lavalle - Big Machine; Wallace Stegner - Angle of Repose (loved The Coroner's Lunch and really dug Big Machine - weird but good)

Non-fiction reference: Saveur's "Italian Classics Volume 2" - tiny recipe booklet; Zagat 2009 New Orleans guide; Steven G. Aldana - The Culprit & the Cure (lifestyle/fitness); Kellenberg and Anderson - Before the Story: Interviewing and Communications Skills for Journalists; Witt - The Complete Book of Feature Writing; Kane - The New Oxford Guide to Writing; Meyer - Pundits, Poets and Wits

History: Bruce Watson - Bread & Roses: Mills, Migrants and the Struggle for the American Dream; Peter Earle - Pirate Wars; James Oliver and Lois E. Horton - Slavery and the Making of America

Other: Sebastian Junger - Fire (book of essays including one about wildfire and firefighters); Robert Lawson - Ben and Me: An Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin By His Good Mouse Amos (a delightful narration of some of Ben Franklin's exploits and inventions that gives quite a bit of credit to a clever rodent, written 1939).

I'll hang onto stuff til Memorial Day, but then it goes!

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Michele Steinberg said...

Ok, "Coroner's Lunch" has been taken...