Sunday, March 31, 2013

Getting ready for Boston walking tour season

It's been a LONG winter but signs of spring are finally here at the end of a rough March through snow and cold. I'm co-chair of Boston By Foot's public relations committee, which has ironically made it even harder for me to wait for spring. My co-chair and I have had meetings since January with the director, and two committee meetings already in February and March. I'm so excited I can't stand it! Tour season "officially" begins May 1, but already I've been on a special tour of "The Adams Family" given on Presidents' Day. February 18 (especially in 2013) is a pretty crazy date for an outdoor activity not involving a sled or skates, but we persevered and it was a great tour, frostbite aside. (Abigail Adams, above left, agrees).

I'm thrilled about the 2nd annual tour connected to April Fool's Day, that will take place at 2 pm on Sunday, April 7. "True Lies & False Facts: A Questionable Tour of Boston," isn't like any other tour offered. For one thing, some of the guides tell you things that aren't true! The fun is, you get to guess which stories are true, which are false, and test your knowledge over drinks. I walked the route with master planner Dina Vargo (talking to the guide group, right) last weekend all over Beacon Hill, but still don't know what any of the stories are.

And I'm SO excited about some new tour offerings this year, included an extended Freedom Trail walk called "Road to Revolution." I learned the tour yesterday and am eager to include it in my repertoire. I'm also giving Tours of the Month in June (Charlestown Navy Yard which I learned last year) and in August (South Boston's Seaport, which is a brand new tour for a brand new area of the city). I also want to get to two regular tours I've never been on: Literary Landmarks, offered every Saturday morning from May to October; and the Architectural Boat Tour, offered 4 times each weekend for the majority of the season.

For now, I'm cheered by the hints of budding branches on the tulip trees (magnolias) along Beacon Street and the ever-shrinking nature of the remaining snow piles around the city. Hope to see you out walking soon!

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